Everybody is talking about the Digital Transformation. My take about how to initiate the one of your company is to start with listening to people who have started the journey.

The Paris Enterprise 20 Summit is just around the corner and this is a great opportunity to do just that. It will take place on February 3-5  in Paris in UIC-P Congress Center in central Paris.

Check out the Enterprise 2.0 Blog to see how to start your digital transformation initiative.

See you there !


This is a conversation I had together with #e20 super-connector Luis Suarez on Twitter whilst at the E20 Summit.

During the engagement panel, he stated that employee engagement was a problem, an idea you can find in many management books (Year without pants by Berkun or Flat Army by Pontefract are recent examples) articles or talks. Even this blog elaborated on that subject a while back, a post which, in restrospect, might seem a bit shallow.

Most of these resources draw on Gallup study who claims that this costs about $US400 Billion per year to the US economy, which, I agree, is a terrible human and financial  waste.

But I wonder : is this employee engagement a problem or a symptom ? Luis insisted that Social Business will help in fixing this. This is where I come to have a rhetoric issue … Read the rest of this entry »

kongress media

Having gained some momentum on the topic of video interview with the last Lean IT Summit, I have been delighted to help Kongress Media mogul and #e20 organizer Bjoern Negelmann in doing some others within the scope of this year edition of the Enterprise 20 Summit. Thanks to Jan Grüb for shooting and editing those.

I was lucky enough to engage in video recorded conversations with #e20 rising star Céline Schillinger, Wirearchy father Jon Husband and IT strategy über-expert and visionary Dion Hinchcliffe.

A huge honor to have access to their expertise and a great opportunity to discuss issues such as the alleged death of Social Business the struggle to implement #e20 successfully and their main takeaways from the conference.

Last but not least, a great opportunity to notch up some more trophies to #hypertextual interviewees record.

Sorry people, I did not have the chance to edit myself out just like I did for the Lean IT Summit ones so I’m afraid you’ll have to cope with my fast talking and body language hyper-activity … Read the rest of this entry »

williquet e20s

(Illustration by Frédéric Williquet)

The E20 Summit was celebrating its fifth edition in Paris in the stimulating premises of ESCP, and just like Jon Husband said on Facebook : “I have been having a blast”. Notice that it’s rather challenging to be somehow unbiased since I am an ambassador of the event and I always am longing for the opportunity to exchange ideas, stories and drinks with the E20 mob.

Unfortunately, I could only attend the first day of this year edition. Despite my absence I have still been able to follow the conversations of the second day thanks to the “#E20 peeps Tweeting like maniacs” as Lee Bryant noticed.

Some may have expressed their regrets that their were not so many new ideas but I don’t really share this perspective. The main impression I have brought back home is this : we are reaching some kind of maturity on the topic as some patterns of successful implementations emerge. It is great to have thought leaders discussing ideas, principles and concepts but the main value out of these conferences from my perspective are the returns of experiences : those were very inspiring indeed.

Inspiring to such an extent that I after 5 years into the topic, I eventually found my one tweet definition of Social Business … Read the rest of this entry »


Get ready people, the next edition of the Enterprise 2.0 European Summit will happen in Paris from 10th to 12th February ! Already the fifth edition (first one was in 2010).

A chance to witness that if Social Business moniker has been downgraded in the buzzword ranking of some consultants, real people are still leveraging digital transformation in their organizations to achieve meaningful results. The conference propose a rather exciting cast with many different returns of experience from many different industries and many different countries

Last but not least, an exciting set of keynotes with Zdnet digitalization oracle Dion Hinchcliffe (who made an excellent one last year), Rachel Happe the leader behind the Community Roundtable, Jon Mell from IBM and Dan Pontrefact, author of the acclaimed Flat ArmyRead the rest of this entry »

(Photo by Na-Young Kwon)

The 2013 edition of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit was held last week in Paris. A great opportunity to have a clear vision of where we stand today in terms of implementation of collaborative technologies in the enterprise and how it transforms the way we work, the way we manage and the way we collaborate.

A great organization by the Kongres Media crew (Bjoern Negelmann, Thomas Koch), featuring many speakers we haven’t seen much in France : Euan Semple, Sandy Carter and Dion Hinchcliffe. The case studies were very insightful as they covered many different industries (Amadeus, Sonae, Continental, Deutsche Telekom, Van Marcke, SNCF …).

The format of work sessions made it very dynamic : one or two 15 minutes case studies and then discussion with the panel and the audience. Not to forget the Management Hackathon (more on this in a dedicated post to come) or Lego Games (hence the photo) as brilliant collaborative initiatives … Read the rest of this entry »

Enterprise 2.0 Summit is just around the corner (20-21 Mars in Centre National des Armées in Paris). A great opportunity to meet the worldwide #e20 mob with the likes of Jon Husband and Dion Hinchliffe joining the european list of usual suspects (Emanuele Quintarelli, Bertrand Duperrin, Anthony Poncier, Mark Tamis, Luis Suarez or Lee Bryant).

Within the scope of the E20 project management excellence track, I will moderate a panel : Social Process and Collaboration Design on Thursday. This will be with Emanuele and Anthony as panelists and Joao Gunther Amaral (Sonae) and Anna van Wassenaer-Golla (Favela Fabric) as speakers, telling us their stories. The objective is to provide perspective on what should be considered to enable a company-wide social collaboration and for which process and collaboration type social collaboration infrastructures provide the most added value?

The key questions to be addressed will be :

  • What should be considered to enable a company-wide social collaboration?
  • Adhoc collaboration and defined business processes – what’s the added value of social collaboration models to these workflow paradigms ?
  • For which process and collaboration types social collaboration infrastructures provide the most added value?

See you there !

e20 summit

The Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2013 edition will be held in Le Cercle National Des Armées on 20 and 21st March. A great opportunity to get real life stories and case studies from organisations as different as Amadeus IT group, Wells Fargo bank, Simply Market or Sonae. Read the rest of this entry »

The Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2012 will be held in Paris in the exclusive premises of The Centre National des Armées on February 7th and 8th.

The focus this year in on Understanding and Designing the Social Business Excellence. Great Keynotes and sessions ahead with very respected figures such as Rawn Shah, Dion Hinchcliffe, Richard Collin or Yves Caseau to address this very issue.

Now the questions you may ask yourself : why would I attend ? What’s in it for me ? Click to find out … Read the rest of this entry »

(Click to display e-book)

At long last we are delighted to present the english version of the french Enterprise 2.0 white paper.

This collaborative e-book is available online and has been coordinated by Anthony Poncier. His idea was to gather people with different backgrounds and responsibilities in the knowledge economy to offer different perspectives on the social business topic. I’m glad I was lucky enough to contribute to this remarkable initiative.

Big-Up to Frédéric Dormon who took care of graphic design and, obviously, to Anthony for being relentless, for sharing his vision and for his leadership on this project. His introduction to the book and the cast below …

Read the rest of this entry »

I’ll be attending the 2011 Edition of the Enterprise 20 Conference in Boston.

Many great speakers, many vendors and the opportunity to meet IRL some Enterprise 2.0 superstars I’ve been discussing with via Blogs, Twitter and Facebook for a couple of years.

Very excited about the whole thing. I will surely blog in length about it so stay tuned and see you there if you’re around.

(See the #hypertextual wrap-up of the conference).

(pic to remind me I’m in vacations as of today 5PM)

What a great post by Luis Suarez : Forget about Social Strategy, think about Social Philosophy in which Luis invite us to join the Hippie 2.0 movement. Though I fully agree with him, I won’t because together with the S word (as A. McAfee wrote) this is exactly what scares C-suite out of E20.

Luis is upset that Social tool adoption is slow and that executives are hesitating. My take is that he shouldn’t wary too much as they eventually will adopt these tools.

The main question is not the When but the How. Because adopting Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) does not necessarily mean achieving Enterprise 2.0 …

Read the rest of this entry »

Like This!

The Enterprise 2.0 conference was held in Boston in mid-June.

There are many interesting feedbacks on the topic. Most importantly it seems to emerge some kind of convergence : Enterprise 2.0 is mature enough now so we need to talk about “getting real” i.e implementing it successfully in the company.

That was the good news.

The bad news is that the best way brought forward for implementation is to integrate Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) with existing process to make the implementation successful. Oh dear.

Read the rest of this entry »

As Enterprise 2.0 activists, we keep on trying to sell Enterprise 2.0 as the ideal solution for your organisation.

But to be completely honest, depending on your company objectives, values and culture it may just not work.

10 principles your company may have adopted that will make Enterprise 2.0 implementation counter productive … Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been thinking about this Scott Berkun article for a while : Calling Bullshit on social media.

This is a question I’ve always asked myself whenever preparing a blog post or a presentation on Enterprise 2.0.

Sameer Patel defines Enterprise 2.0 as the enterprise state once it has implemented social media inside the organisation. So we’re spot on the topic, and the question is how to make sure we don’t get carried away and start BSing while evangelizing enterprise 2.0 ?

Ten questions to ask yourself while preparing your homework to make sure you don’t get caught by the @berkun and the @dahowlett of this 2.0 world … And Hypertextual ten answers to convince myself I am not that BullshitCallable.

Read the rest of this entry »


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