Interviews 2.0

The people that have been nice enough to spend some time and answer #hypertextual questions. You want to be #hype and join the list ? Don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Scott Berkun Ludovic Cinquin Michael Ballé
Peter Gumbel Guillaume Plouin Dave Gray
Steve Bell Pierre Pezziardi François Hisquin
Frédéric Charles Pierre Masai (Toyota) Yves Caseau
Leonardo Mattiazzi Giuseppina Allegretti Hakan Forss
Céline Schillinger Jon Husband Dion Hinchcliffe
Daniel Breston Catherine Chabiron Michael B. Jones
Christophe Riboulet
Anthony Poncier Bertrand Duperrin Aurélie Girard
Nathan Rawlins Cécile Demailly
Franck La Pinta

Mariana Zanetti

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