Un petit retour sur une conférence Lean Summit 2014 qui s’est déroulée à la cité internationale de Lyon les 2 et 3 Avril. Plutôt passionné par les technologies et tendances du numérique, il s’agissait d’uns conférence de laquelle j’attendais peu. La surprise ne fût que plus belle, avec un évènement qui s’est avéré être un des plus marquants auxquels j’ai assisté, et pas seulement en raison de la fontaine de chocolat.

La raison en est toute simple : il ne s’agit pas d’une autoroute pour consultants, experts ou éditeurs mais d’un espace dans lequel des dirigeants racontent leur histoire, celle de leur entreprise et expliquent comment le lean leur a permis non seulement de survivre mais d’obtenir des résultats exceptionnels tout en impliquant leurs équipes.

A une époque où, à grands renforts de propagande, le Lean est dépeint comme un outil d’assujetissement à la productivité et où le Made in France évoque plutôt une résignation désuète ou un pleurnichage institutionnel, cette conférence rafraîchissante et tonique a clairement rappelé qu’il s’agissait surtout d’une alternative crédible pour continuer à créer de la richesse de façon soutenable dans notre beau pays …

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This is a conversation I had together with #e20 super-connector Luis Suarez on Twitter whilst at the E20 Summit.

During the engagement panel, he stated that employee engagement was a problem, an idea you can find in many management books (Year without pants by Berkun or Flat Army by Pontefract are recent examples) articles or talks. Even this blog elaborated on that subject a while back, a post which, in restrospect, might seem a bit shallow.

Most of these resources draw on Gallup study who claims that this costs about $US400 Billion per year to the US economy, which, I agree, is a terrible human and financial  waste.

But I wonder : is this employee engagement a problem or a symptom ? Luis insisted that Social Business will help in fixing this. This is where I come to have a rhetoric issue … Read the rest of this entry »

kongress media

Having gained some momentum on the topic of video interview with the last Lean IT Summit, I have been delighted to help Kongress Media mogul and #e20 organizer Bjoern Negelmann in doing some others within the scope of this year edition of the Enterprise 20 Summit. Thanks to Jan Grüb for shooting and editing those.

I was lucky enough to engage in video recorded conversations with #e20 rising star Céline Schillinger, Wirearchy father Jon Husband and IT strategy über-expert and visionary Dion Hinchcliffe.

A huge honor to have access to their expertise and a great opportunity to discuss issues such as the alleged death of Social Business the struggle to implement #e20 successfully and their main takeaways from the conference.

Last but not least, a great opportunity to notch up some more trophies to #hypertextual interviewees record.

Sorry people, I did not have the chance to edit myself out just like I did for the Lean IT Summit ones so I’m afraid you’ll have to cope with my fast talking and body language hyper-activity … Read the rest of this entry »

williquet e20s

(Illustration by Frédéric Williquet)

The E20 Summit was celebrating its fifth edition in Paris in the stimulating premises of ESCP, and just like Jon Husband said on Facebook : “I have been having a blast”. Notice that it’s rather challenging to be somehow unbiased since I am an ambassador of the event and I always am longing for the opportunity to exchange ideas, stories and drinks with the E20 mob.

Unfortunately, I could only attend the first day of this year edition. Despite my absence I have still been able to follow the conversations of the second day thanks to the “#E20 peeps Tweeting like maniacs” as Lee Bryant noticed.

Some may have expressed their regrets that their were not so many new ideas but I don’t really share this perspective. The main impression I have brought back home is this : we are reaching some kind of maturity on the topic as some patterns of successful implementations emerge. It is great to have thought leaders discussing ideas, principles and concepts but the main value out of these conferences from my perspective are the returns of experiences : those were very inspiring indeed.

Inspiring to such an extent that I after 5 years into the topic, I eventually found my one tweet definition of Social Business … Read the rest of this entry »


Get ready people, the next edition of the Enterprise 2.0 European Summit will happen in Paris from 10th to 12th February ! Already the fifth edition (first one was in 2010).

A chance to witness that if Social Business moniker has been downgraded in the buzzword ranking of some consultants, real people are still leveraging digital transformation in their organizations to achieve meaningful results. The conference propose a rather exciting cast with many different returns of experience from many different industries and many different countries

Last but not least, an exciting set of keynotes with Zdnet digitalization oracle Dion Hinchcliffe (who made an excellent one last year), Rachel Happe the leader behind the Community Roundtable, Jon Mell from IBM and Dan Pontrefact, author of the acclaimed Flat ArmyRead the rest of this entry »

Here is the last of the interview from the series made during the 2013 Edition of the Lean IT Summit. And it is quite an interesting one with CI&T VP, Europe & ASPAC Leonardo Mattiazzi.

Leonardo has been quite generous as he stopped by to share so many lessons learned while implementing lean in about every activity of their company. Many fascinating take away are highlighted in the video for them to be more actionnable. Leonardo also talks about leadership but also about they mix Lean approach and collaborative online tools to make things happen in their Disrupt!  innovation initiative.

Thanks to him for the conversation, to Camille Brunat for directing and editing the videos, to Florence Préault, for coordinating this interview series project, and to Supernormal for the music.

L’agile tour est passé par la côte Atlantique et j’ai eu la chance d’assister aux deux sessions : Le 8 Novembre à Bordeaux et le 14 à Nantes. Attardons nous ici à la première nous parlerons de la seconde dans un billet dédié.

Le premier constat est toujours le même : un authentique bain de jouvence. Comme le fit remarquer Régis Médina en keynote de clôture, les idées fusent, les initiatives bouillonnent et on sent une communauté avec de l’énergie à revendre, de nombreuses idées  et un désir intact de partager.

L’idée de ce compte rendu n’est pas d’évoquer toutes les différentes présentations mais de s’attarder sur les temps forts… Read the rest of this entry »

Giuseppina Allegretti is head of risk group in IT Department at Banca Nazionale del Lavoro. During the 2013 edition of the European Lean IT Summit, she made a very inspiring talk about Lean leadership and gemba walks. What I really enjoyed in her talk was the quiet yet determine tone, completely in line with her relentlessness approach of digging for new continuous improvement opportunities.

She also presented one of the most appropriate slide I have seen related to leadership in general and lean leadership in particular with the following principles : How we manage little things is how we manage big things / Reality is not always what we imagine / A long way starts with a little step / Go and See = Coaching people / Attention is the best way to care about people.

She has been kind enough to discuss gemba walks, leadership, change management and more with us in this video interview. So thanks to her for the conversation, and as usual with this interview series, thanks to Camille Brunat for directing and editing the videos, to Florence Préault, for coordinating this interview series project, and to Supernormal for the music.

Hakan Forss is Lean and Agile coach at Avega Group. Hakan is one of the many Agile coaches that, while digging deeper into agile practices, has reached the shores of Lean, what he calls the fountain of knowledge. In this short video interview he shares his insights on how lean can help improving agile teams.

His Lean IT Summit presentation this year on how to apply Toyota Kata principles to agile teams has been very inspiring as he offers a lean approach to agile continuous improvement. While doing so, he brings lean deep thinking to agile practitioners and he builds another bridge between the two approaches. (Refer to #hypertextual Toyota Kata book review for more information of what the principle is).

Hakan has been kind enough to allow us some time to discuss his journey, how to articulate agile and lean and how Legos can help in building great slidedecks. Many thanks to him for the conversation, to Camille Brunat for directing and editing the videos, to Florence Préault, for coordinating this interview series project, and to Supernormal for the music.

Here is the second video interview of the European Lean IT Summit Interview Series. Daniel Breston defines himself as a IT Service & Operations Management Improvement Advisor & Coach. We’ve first met during the Lean Masterclass by Steve Bell in 2012 and we have kept in touch since.

Coming from an ITIL background, Daniel passion about the topic of Lean is quite contagious. His Lean IT Summit 2013 presentation has been extremely well received : his return of experience of implementing Obeya in a Lean IT project in a support team was quite telling.

In this exciting video interview, the Texan talks about his lean journey, ITIL and this project.

Many thanks to him for giving us some time for this conversation. And as usual for this series, thanks to Camille Brunat for directing and editing the videos, to Florence Préault, for coordinating this interview series project in such an efficient way, and to Supernormal for the music.

Capture d’écran 2013-11-10 à 11.36.04

A graduate from HEC Business School, Catherine Chabiron has been Lean Office Manager at Faurecia for the last ten years or so after having worked in many different areas such as Marketing, sales, accounting logistics etc … Faurecia is a world top 10 automotive parts manufacturer. While driving the Lean implementation in their IT department, Catherine has had a major contribution in aligning Faurecia IT with the business. She also is a major contributor to the Lean community worldwide as her talks at Lean IT Summit 2011 and 2013 showed.

Her description of how Lean management matches her expectations in terms of management method resonates particularly well with #hypertextual evolution of centers of interest  :

When I discovered Lean management (…), it looked like everything I had seen as being common sense and best practices up to then, unfolded into this management approach.

#hypertextual is very glad she discusses all this and more in this interview …

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As part of the European Lean IT Summit, Roberto Priolo (Managing Editor at the Lean Global Network) and myself did some video interviews of the speakers. It was a great opportunity to discuss lean concepts further with these practitioners and, incidentally, to try this new type of exercise, far more complicated than it seems to be.

First of this series is Michael B. Jones who presented at the conference how, as a Senior Manager Digital Content at eBay, he uses lean and agile to manage their digital content and to enable commerce by creating content customers love. An engaging interview with someone working in one of the major online company.

Many thanks to Michael for sharing his insights with such enthusiasm, to Camille Brunat for directing and editing the videos, to Florence Préault, for coordinating this interview series project in such an efficient way, and to Supernormal for the music.

Sur la lancée de mon intervention au Lean IT Summit avec Laurent Alt, le directeur de la R&D logiciel de Lectra, je présenterai ce même retour d’expérience sur la mise en oeuvre du Lean Software Development pour le passage de l’agile à l’échelle lors de l’Agile Tour Nantes 2013 qui aura lieu le 14 Novembre.

Cette fois-ci je serai accompagné par Michel Cavalier, un manager agile de haute volée avec qui j’ai eu la chance de travailler durant ces 6 années à Lectra.

Pour rester sur de l’auto-promotion liée aux Agile Tours, j’ai proposé un Lightning Talk (5mns) pour l’Agile Tour de Bordeaux, édition qui aura lieu, elle, dès ce Vendredi, le 8 Novembre.

Je serai ravi de vous croiser lors de chacun de ces évènements et vous ferai un compte rendu circonstancié des 2 évènements. (cf Agile Tour Bordeaux 2012 et 2011).


The most recurrent question of the European Lean IT 2013 conference was at the heart of a dedicated panel : how does Lean IT positions itself in a world dominated by Agile culture ? There was (from left to right) Pierre Pezziardi, Steve Bell , Hakan Forss, Mike Orzen, Michael Ballé, Daniel T Jones and not appearing on the picture Regis Medina, Takashi Tanaka, Laurent Bossavit, and Antoine Contal (moderator).

A wonderful panel that has launched many thoughts for #hypertextual …

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The European Lean IT Summit happened last week in Paris and it has yet again proved to be a great opportunity to meet the community, to listen to great case studies and to get some food for thoughts with the keynote sessions.

Already the third edition (see wrap-up from 2011 and 2012) and in my view the best so far as we can see the subject maturing and the whole community getting deeper insights on the topic. (disclaimer : It could well be that I am biased here as this year I was both speaking and part of the company organising it).

On top of the experts and leaders (Dan Jones, Steve Bell, Mike Orzen, Michael Ballé, Takashi Tanaka) there also were good talks by people from all over the world, many domains (support, service desk, development, operations, innovation) and many industries, peace nobel prize winner Grameen Foundation not being the least fascinating …

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