L’Enterprise 2.0 Forum se déroulera les 17 et 18 Mars à Paris au Méridien Montparnasse.

Cette édition succède à celle de Francfort qui a eu lieu l’Automne dernier et précède celle de Cologne qui aura lieu elle au Printemps prochain.

ECM World souhaite, avec ces conférences, donner une dimension résolument européenne à la réflexion globale qui a lieu aujourd’hui autour de l’Entreprise 2.0.

L’objectif est de s’assurer que ce nouveau système transverse d’entreprise, structurant l’organisation tel un ERP, SCM ou PLM, n’est pas uniquement calibré autour des valeurs et cultures d’entreprises anglo-saxonnes.

Par ici pour le programme et les bons de réduction …

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(Please check the revised edition of this presentation).

Just uploaded this Enterprise-2.0 presentation : Enterprise 2.0 : leveraging collaboration platforms to foster knowledge, innovation, productivity and engagement.

Best to see full screen.

Target audience is just about everyone in the company.

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(Ok it’s shamefully easy to blog about TED presentations (again and again and again), but hey this is, again, awesome stuff).

Sir Ken Robinson explains how public education system all around the world educates people out of creativity. British wit and creativity insight at its best.

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“I am a … writer”. That’s how it starts. Elizabeth Gilbert is a bit of a romantic comedy character : studying and living in NYC, she used to write in magazines and did quite a few different things for a living (cook, waitress, etc …) until she wrote a New York Times best seller : Eat Pray Love. Not very good critics but tremendous success – romantic comedy indeed.

In this talk she speaks about creativity and how to lighten the burden of genius in each of us.

Baseline : in ancient Rome, artists HAD a genius that came and visit them. With Renaissance, human is put right in the center of the universe : artists ARE genius. This is a mistake which put a huge pressure on artists shoulder and doom them with anxiety, hence the very high numbers of artists that died before their time.

It’s like asking them to swallow the sun.

20mn of empowering witty wisdom to bring art and creativity back at mortal human reach. (I facebooked it a while back but I feel more comfortable heavymentaling it as it fits here nicely).

Logic+Emotion: Thinking Visually.

Sharing knowledge in an efficient way is a key subject for any knowledge worker.

When I read old fashion documents (pile of text without any effort on the style, the structure, the visuals) or attend dry old styles presentation (ppt with hundreds of bulllet points per slides), that makes want to sleep/cry/kill.  I can’t help thinking about all the time wasted – for both the writer/lecturer and the audience.

Great post by Armano who may get a bit annoying with his 2.0 hysteria, but who is still one of the best whenever it comes to illustrate concepts and thinkings in a nice and efficient way.

Google Chromic

September 4, 2008

Not as impressed as Vince with the new browser. Buggy (error at startup time after migrating the favorites) unable to access gmail, suspicious googleUpdate.exe process still active after I’ve closed the app etc …

However, the comic is quite a fascinating experience.

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(Version française)

Lately, I have spent some time googling around for some innovation inputs and it took me a while to gather all this material. So this comes as some sort of digest.

Scott Berkun (again and again !) has been the constant inspiration of this digest. He will lead us through this bulletin with this brilliant video of his lecture on the topic @ Carnegie Mellon (50ish minutes – recommend to view after reading the post).

Also featuring : Brad Bird (Pixar), Steve Jobs, Douglas Merrill (Google), Linda Naiman, DHH (37Signals), Kathy Sierra (Head First series), etc … 

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Bitter SOA

August 3, 2008

Service Oriented Architecture is the new mantra to ease integration between heterogeneous systems in the enterprise.

Lately, I have been having questions about this approach and this post comes out from different experiences. One being reading Vincent thoughts on the topic on TechItEasy.

The other being this excellent and lively presentation by Jim Webb and Martin “architecture guru” Fowler : SOA without ESB. The last was the presentation from Didier Girard during the excellent Université du SI conference in Paris back in early july. The bottom line of both presentations being : the web works. The Web is resources that are easily accessible.

Using Web Services for different systems integration within the Enterprise should be easy. We should have resources easily searchable and accessible. Hence these questions about how relevant Service Oriented Architecture stands as it is implemented today.

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A New Literacy ?

June 23, 2008


Disappointing essay by Marc Prensky – yep, the same one that coined the Digital Natives wonderful term which I’ve already blogged about).

Marc develops a theory whereby :

Programming, aka the ability to control machines, is indeed the key literacy (i.e the ability to carefully read and write a contemporary spoken language) of the century (…) and that who can’t will be increasingly left behind.

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I’ve been quite upset lately by a few essays from every blogger’s darling : Paul Graham. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problem with Paul Graham writings about start-up (there or there or there) or Lisp : his background speaks for itself, and one will hardly find any blogger offering more insight regarding these topics.

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