Rate Me

Good Idea indeed

There are a couple of apps around offering services for you to measure how 2.0 / geek / marketable you and your blog are. Back to Sociometry again !

Thanks to badideaindeed for somehow starting up this Rate Me meme : Philippe gives this WebSideGrader link that allow you to grade how efficient your site is from a marketing perspective.

These WebGrader guys claim to have a very sophisticated algorithm to figure this out. My bet is : they just count the buzzword ratio. Anyway, Heavy Mental rated a slightly-over-average (the story of my life) 56% :

A website grade of 56 for ceciiil.wordpress.com means that of the thousands of websites that have previously been submitted to the tool, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 56% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. The algorithm uses a proprietary blend of over a dozen different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others.

which is fair enough considering the anarchy in the contents published here (and yet, I haven’t started talking about the footy side of thing and how devastated I am seeing my favourite player leaving the Arsenal).

Geek ratio

Then I made this other one on innergeek.com to measure my geekness : 15,36%. I am just 0.36% over the Geek threshold (pheeew !). I could easily have scored more but no way I can have my shirt tucked in my underwear.

Last there is this Web 2.0 Validator to rate how web 2.0 Heavy Mental is. Man, this one was bad ! HM only gets 9 out of 65. Anyway I can always put the blame on wordpress who sub-contracts the gory technical details of this blog.

About time to stop talkin’ about me. How do you guys rate ? How much of a web 2.0 geek are you ?


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