The Island of the yellow lizard

Boys and girls, I’ve just came back from arguably one of the most beautiful place in the whole world : Moorea. Which means the yellow Lizard in mao’hi (or is it ma’ohi ?) language.

This island is 20 Kms north west from Tahiti.

As a kid, I used to lived in West Indies so I dont think I can easily be impressed by an island. But when you sail from Tahiti to there, you feel like you arrive on the King Kong island with these mountains covered with jungle furs, their top rounded with huge clouds.

And then there is this amazing lagoon, the beautiful sunsets, the mild winds. And the people.

I usually am quite interested with insular culture, be it geographical (England, Corsica, Caribeans, Iceland, New Zealand) or political (Switzerland, Israel). I think islanders usually have a much deeper sense of belonging and solidarity : their island quite often represents a majort part of their identity.

People from Tahiti are just like that. They just fascinate me. They are smiling but not tamed, polite but not obsequious, friendly yet not pervasive, incredible athletes (mens look like rubgymen and women like dancers – when they are not obese which is very frequent over there) but mild people, casual (they would call you “tu”) but respectful ; proud of the tradition they perpetuate, be it the languages, the dances, the music, fishing, the outrigger canoe races (the national sport over there), and the most impressive one : the tatoo.

I guess it’s the first time I fall in love with a place and a people. I had tears in my eyes when I left after three magical weeks. And to make sure I wont forget, I’ve decided to bring a piece of south Pacific back with me, right under and all around the skin of my left leg.


  1. What a beautiful description of your beautiful and wonderful experience. I feel the same way,


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