Mark Richards – Core Memory

Having all the means available to be connected on a permanent basis seems so natural for us today. No one really is interested in the gory details of the infrastructure world (the infraworld indeed) of the machines, network and all these different technical assets that makes our many different electronic lives possible.

Mark Richards Core Memory project is a tribute to this infra world. Some kind of still life to the unsung heroes of the information age : the electronic machines and devices. (Thanks again SignalVsNoise for the link !).

Not only is Mark Richards a talented photographer, he also is a lovely person. My band (Supernormal – west Bordeaux reprazent) have requested permission to use his material to illustrate our new EP and Mark kindly accepted.


Oh ! by the way : the first song of this new ep is avalable on our myspace page. It is related to a subject I’ve already addressed here. The remaining three shall be later in march for a final release end of march (we’re still struggling to meet the Q3/08 deadline).


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