Google Chromic


Not as impressed as Vince with the new browser. Buggy (error at startup time after migrating the favorites) unable to access gmail, suspicious googleUpdate.exe process still active after I’ve closed the app etc …

However, the comic is quite a fascinating experience.

Documenting software to transmit knowledge has always been something I’ve loved to do. The reason is : along with tests, documentation is another abandonned child of the developpers and as such I feel a lot of tenderness towards this activity.

Head First series has been an amazing step toward transmitting knowledge. Kathy Sierra has been studying cognitive science so she knows a tad bout the subject.

But here we’re just moving a step further : a real artist is documenting this rather geeky product …

Scott Mc Cloud is a graphic artist and he has been approached by google to write the specs of the Google Browser. The old times of truck loads of documentation delivered together with your software by the big cat  seems like ages ago.

Kathy Sierra taught us why a) conversational writing kicks formal writing whenever it comes to teach and have your audience remembering and b) Graphics have people responding. Google learned their lesson very well thank you and decided to do both.

At GLV puts it in twitter : Google Chrome’s coolness is mostly under the hood. Hard to convince nonprogrammers why that’s important. The comic is a brilliant solution.

Best thing : the main characters are software engineers. Respect to the alpha geeks indeed.

Check out Scott interview at techRadar.


  1. Hey Cecil,

    Not that impressed with the current version of Chrome myself to be honest, but “impressed” with the potential it has. Taken together with the rise of web-services (as well as Netbooks—ultra-light/cheap laptops—which I didn’t mention, and ubiquitous internet), I think a browser designed for such a world has great potential.

    I didn’t actually look at the comic, to be honest, but I am pretty impressed with the amount of buzz that this product has. Whoever marketed it, clearly spoke a language that the internet-audience understood.

  2. Hi Vince,

    No question about that. From now on all my techie posts in english are then posted on TIE. This one now is.

    Thanks for your comments.

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