Logic+Emotion: Thinking Visually

Logic+Emotion: Thinking Visually.

Sharing knowledge in an efficient way is a key subject for any knowledge worker.

When I read old fashion documents (pile of text without any effort on the style, the structure, the visuals) or attend dry old styles presentation (ppt with hundreds of bulllet points per slides), that makes want to sleep/cry/kill.  I can’t help thinking about all the time wasted – for both the writer/lecturer and the audience.

Great post by Armano who may get a bit annoying with his 2.0 hysteria, but who is still one of the best whenever it comes to illustrate concepts and thinkings in a nice and efficient way.


  1. Hey thanks for clicking by. This is a great presentation indeed.

    I guess this 2.0 hysteria is part of your job but that’s okay as long as you share such valuable content.

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