#hyperlean in english

#hyperlean 9 - small

Ladies and gentlemen, please be aware that #hyperlean – What the Advent of Digital Really Means is now available in english on Amazon.

2017 has kept me extremely busy with this book so needless to say that I am rather proud to make this announcement.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that made this english version possible. First, Marie-Pia Ignace, CEO of Operae Partners who has been the executive producer of the project. Second, Anne Hagen who has somehow managed to work with me for the translation work, together with Justine Slimane.

Second, the team involved in proof-reading : my colleagues @ Operae Florence Préault, Carine Compain, and Frédéric Buono; the E20 team with Wirearchy’s father Jon Husband and David Terrar and my good old friend Edward Johnson, a lovely guy despite being a Tottenham Hotspurs supporter. Last but not least, I am delighted to introduced the work of my daughter Salomé for her page layout work in this english edition.

Likewise the french edition, this book has a dedicated online website : hyperlean.online

Happy new year everyone and enjoy the read !


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