Hypertextual on Social Computing Journal

I’m delighted to announce that Hypertextual blog post on the 10 management principles for Enterprise 2.0 has been published on Social Computing Journal.

I recevieved a mail from M. Dion Hinchcliffe himself asking the permission to use the material on the site. How much of a disintermediation is that ? Awesome !

Believe it or not, Dion started with “let me introduce myself“. As if musician would receive a mail from Quincy Jones introducing himself …  A proof, if need be, that Dion is a gentleman.

He took the opportunity to edit the text in proper english, which is dead cool.

Thanks Dion. Anytime.


  1. Félicitations. Mais vu la clareté de tes propos et l’intérêt qu’ils suscitent en moi…je crois que c’est amplement mérité.

    Encore bravo.

  2. “clarté”

    2:00 du matin.

    L’orthographe est soluble dans le manque de sommeil.

    : )

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