Hypertextual on Social Computing Journal

I’m delighted to announce that Hypertextual blog post on the 10 management principles for Enterprise 2.0 has been published on Social Computing Journal.

I recevieved a mail from M. Dion Hinchcliffe himself asking the permission to use the material on the site. How much of a disintermediation is that ? Awesome !

Believe it or not, Dion started with “let me introduce myself“. As if musician would receive a mail from Quincy Jones introducing himself …  A proof, if need be, that Dion is a gentleman.

He took the opportunity to edit the text in proper english, which is dead cool.

Thanks Dion. Anytime.


8 thoughts on “Hypertextual on Social Computing Journal

  1. Félicitations. Mais vu la clareté de tes propos et l’intérêt qu’ils suscitent en moi…je crois que c’est amplement mérité.

    Encore bravo.

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