OMG ! Hypertextual article on the New York Times online

Since I’ve joined the TechItEasy mob, I publish my english posts both on Hypertextual and Tech It Easy. This brings more content to this collaborative blog and give more visibility to my posts.

What a surprise yesterday to see that the New York Times online has published a long article about my 5 Elevator pitches for Enterprise 2.0 adoption article copy on T.I.E.

We found this post on Tech IT Easy. It goes through five elevator pitches to make for Enterprise 2.0.

It’s a telling post. While it seems like Enterprise 2.0 is becoming widely adopted, there is still a struggle for how to explain what it means and how to pitch the concept to executive management, middle managers and the people who may find the technology valuable for their work.

This is what disintermediation is all about. A proof that anyone can have a blog post discussed on the New York Times online.

Man, what a day !


  1. Hi cecil,

    thanks for the go between with the guy from Forum 2.0

    I’ll be there like the Four Tops said (no to heavy metal 😉

    And like Thierry has written, well done

    CU there

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