Enterprise 2.0 Management 10 Principles in Video

Robert Lavigne from Canada made this great Slideware and Video from Hypertextual blog post Enterprise 2.0 explained to my manager in 10 Principles.

This has been presented to the CIPS IT Executive in Toronto. Amazing stuff and congratulations Robert for the work.

Heaven knows I love how internet helps in spreading ideas all around the globe !


  1. Many thanks for the compliment and the post Cecil. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by many of the Enterprise 2.0 thought leaders (once again the beauty of the Internet). It is with that in mind, that I am letting you know that your 10 Principles of E20 is dead on the money. Your blog entry has done a fantastic job at taking a fairly complex mindset and simplifying it to a level that is easily referential to an audience. It is for that, I choose to reference your blog entry as the core of part 1 of my keynote that day. Once again well done on putting together what can easily be considered to be a E20 Manifesto. I will let you know when the audio track that goes with that video is available.

    Take Care,
    Rob / @RLavigne42

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