Phrazes for the young (manager)

Julian Casabiancas probably is alongside Peter Doherty the ultimate rock star of the 00s. Believe it or not, he has bucket loads of wisdom to share with managers …

Singer, playboy and rock icon, he has led The Strokes to become the most influential New York band of the the last 10 years. They succeeded in bringing back garage rock imagery and raw VelvetUnderground type of sound at the top of the hype.

NME, who knows a tad about pop music, has ranked Is This It as best album of the decade.

Quite why Julian Casabiancas has made such terrible choices in terms of production for this album (cheap keyboards, heavy guitars, stupid drum machines) is beyond the question. He remains a fantastic songwriter. As an example : Ouf of the blue could be a Johnny Cash song.

Anyway : we’re not here to talk about music but about the actual Phrazes for the young. The album comes with 8 of them (one per song) and they are invaluable.

Likewise what we did for the Memphis Manifesto, or the 10 commandments of Egoless Programming, let’s bring them into the management context : strikethrough is the original, bold is my proposition for management.

  1. Anger is weakness, patience is strength
  2. Try not to give advice you can’t follow
  3. Art Software is the image of life work, it’s purpose simply to enhance it
  4. Being nice is most important when others are not
  5. Drunkenness Gossiping is cowardice, sobriety Not Gossiping is loneliness
  6. People don’t want to be greedy, they want to be happy (but they’re too greedy to notice)
  7. Talk about those absent as if they were listening in
  8. Unlocking life mysteries is the responsibility of disastisfied people

These are great principles to put in practices.

My favorite is number 8. As Brad Bird (Pixar) recommends, our job is to manage these people so that they turn their disatisfaction into innovation.

What’s your favorite ?

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