#LeanIT2013 Interview Series : Daniel Breston

Here is the second video interview of the European Lean IT Summit Interview Series. Daniel Breston defines himself as a IT Service & Operations Management Improvement Advisor & Coach. We’ve first met during the Lean Masterclass by Steve Bell in 2012 and we have kept in touch since.

Coming from an ITIL background, Daniel passion about the topic of Lean is quite contagious. His Lean IT Summit 2013 presentation has been extremely well received : his return of experience of implementing Obeya in a Lean IT project in a support team was quite telling.

In this exciting video interview, the Texan talks about his lean journey, ITIL and this project.

Many thanks to him for giving us some time for this conversation. And as usual for this series, thanks to Camille Brunat for directing and editing the videos, to Florence Préault, for coordinating this interview series project in such an efficient way, and to Supernormal for the music.


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