Referencing Hypertextual

‘right : writing a blog is cool. But there are some rumours around that writing a blog that some people end up reading is kinda cooler.

So tired with having an average of 8 views per blog post I’ve decided to roll up my sleeves and dig into the subject. Believe it or not a few people decided to study the issue before me. Honest.

So here I come, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

So if like me you want to improve your internet visibility, you wanna be crawled upon all day long, this is the place to start with : lorelle. In particular this very thorough DIY post. Lorelle has been around on the blogosphere for quite a while now and she and her friends has all the tips you need to improve as a blogger and to enhance your electronic visibility.

As far as Hypertextual is concerned, just doing the following has had spectacular effect on my googleity :

  • Putting meaningful title : I used to have very funky and witty (or at least I thought they were) titles to my first posts. These were using long sentences and newly created words. Unfoundable. This time is now over.
  • Put a title to all the links I put in the posts
  • Put titles to all the images
  • Put subtitles as header 1
  • Add many specific tags. The problem I had was that they would all appear in the wordpress categories box. So I wrote the category widget as text with limited categories and added as many tags as I wanted
  • Add technorati tags (well I’m not to sure about this efficiency of this one)

I also tried to do a google map but then you have to give Google a URL where to download it from and it has to be relative to your blog : needless to say that with this is just a no-go.

Anyway thanks to this minor changes I had the following tremendous Google results :

Okay you also have to talk about edgy and non really mainstream people eventhough one could argue Keith Haring kind of is nowadays.

Cool thing with this is that I just became completely compulsive about it : I spend the whole day PF5ing (which means refreshing the page in the PC land for you Apple-ers) the stats page of my blog, hysterically checking Heavy Mental sociometry.

And here it is for the last 30 days : just the trend, though (looking like our Carbone Dioxide Emission time chart in the Al Gore movie), not the real figures which still are depressing :

Heavy Mental Sociometry

Nothing to get over excited about, though : I still have a PageRank = 0.

How about you ? How do you check/control/improve your sociometry ? Are you also hysterical about it or do you just dont give a <keyword> ?

All this while listening to Ken Ishii Sleeping Madness


  1. I don’t care about my blog visit average but i’ve read your post with interest.

    I prefer to take care of my usual readers and i write for me, obviously, and for them.

    Nevertheless, if my words, and sometimes my opinions could interest a larger part of the community i would be proud and hppy with that.

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