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Mack Collier from the viralgarden did something similar a while back : kick-off a meme to promote unsung bloggers.

So here is the deal : list and describe about 10 out of your blogroll, do a quick description and pingback the one that referenced your blog. Please no Seth Godin, Loic Le Meur or Stairway to Heaven here. I dont think they need any reference.


So let’s start with a bit of cronyism. All are english unless (Fr) :

  1. Frederic Brunel : I had the great privilege of working with Fred. He is a technical savvy, a pragmatic architect and a business oriented geek. Very good at understanding and envision the trends of the IT industry. A professional reference.
  2. Giant Squid (Fr) : Celine has been living in New Zealand for about 4 years. Many interesting posts and pics on the country, many interesting thoughts on being a french immigrant there. Not to mention that she is a intelligent, and beautiful girl, which has nothing to do with her blog being in that list … okay it has.
  3. Bad Idea Indeed : A marketing blog by Philippe. He is in the communication/advertising business. He has interviewed many A-Listers.
  4. Didier Girard (Fr) : Technical and french blog on server side software for enterprise. Not much editing but excellent links. A very synthetic set of references about the main trends of our industry. Besides, Didier is an active contributor of the french GWT (Google Web Toolkit, a tool allowing to write AJAX applications in pure Java) community.
  5. François Montagnon (Fr): We met when we were 9 years old in Martinique. We lost eachother and met again on the internet 29 years later. François is a photographer, writer, traveller. He has made breathtaking pictures during his many travels to Asia. These are published on Latitude Streets.
  6. Thomas Landspurg : Thomas used to be the CTO in the company Fred and I was working. He is a bit of a visionaire for the Mobile industry. He has developped a GoogleMap app for mobile. Excellent blog if you’re interested in the mobile business.
  7. A fresh Start(up) : Interesting blog regarding internet entrepreneurship and web-art. Very good links on the later. And a transglobal star named blogger : Fidji Simo
  8. Generation Y 2.0 (fr) : A sociology blog on the a.k.a Digital Natives. Interesting resources available there for whoever curious about the relationship of Generation Y with the digital world on one hand and the real one on the other.
  9. Michel Casabianca (fr) : I also worked with Michel. An Open Source advocate and geek. Michel has made a great contribution to the open source community, is a permanent reviewer/translator at O’Reilly and has co-written a book on XML. Excellent video game culture. Needless to say : a hardcore Apple freak.
  10. Tech It Easy : A collaborative technical blog with a bunch of young and passionate professionals. A very dynamic tech business mob that I’m glad to announce I just have joined.

Okay guys so now it’s your time to give allegiance to your favorite Z-Listers.


  1. Hi man, thank you so much for the link, I just noticed it today, I hadn’t visited your blog for a long time, and the surprise is great! I will try to publish more web art links in the weeks to come, I’m a bit in a slow blogging period while I am settling down in the US.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Fidji,

    You’re more than welcome. Looking forward your forthcoming art links.

    Hope you settle well in L.A (read your bomb story on twitter – woaw !)

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