Sunday Quotes : Russel Ackoff

Systems thinking not only erases the boundaries between the points of view that define the sciences and professions, it also erases the boundary between science and the humanities. Science, I believe, consists of the search for similarities among things that are apparently different; the humanities consist of the search for differences among things that are apparently similar. Science and the humanities are the head and tail of reality—viewable separately, but not separable. It is for this reason that I have come to refer to the study of systems as part of the “scianities.”

This quote is taken from a speech the System Thinking expert and Wharton School teacher gave at Villanova University.

This is a very profound quote, though quite long and difficult to remember. IMHO, this articulation between science and humanities is at the very heart  of organizations complexity, organizations that Edgar Schein refer as socio-technical systems. Hence the relevance of System Thinking to fix our organizations.

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