Enterprise 2.0 : knowledge, innovation, productivity and engagement

(Please check the revised edition of this presentation).

Just uploaded this Enterprise-2.0 presentation : Enterprise 2.0 : leveraging collaboration platforms to foster knowledge, innovation, productivity and engagement.

Best to see full screen.

Target audience is just about everyone in the company.

The objective is to address key issues faced by organizations built around knowledge : management of not only knowledge but also innovation and productivity. First to see the current limitations with the tools and processes in place and then to see how collaborative platform and enterprise 2.0 approach can offer competitive advantages to the company.

I have not been really convinced by the material available on the topic. Mostly too buzzwordy and flashy, this often scares upper management out. Most of them then subsequently relate E2.0 to consultant-dollarmaking-vaporware material, hence the dedicated section in the presentation.

Besides, in my view, these presentations usually go from the existing social applications (and their many exciting features) into the enterprise. In order to convince management, they should rather go the other way round : from enterprise real problems to how they can be addressed by social software platforms.

Mostly influenced by this excellent presentation by Mr Enteprise 2.0 : Andrew McAfee at PARC (link). Also by many of the videos, books, articles, blog posts refererred to in  this blog.


  1. This is a very interesting presentation. It illustrates very well what the Entreprise 2.0 is, and its benefits for organizations.

    One question… do you really think that the only candidates are large entreprises of more than 1500 employees? In my opinion, ESSPs can be beneficial for much smaller organizations. I would actually go as far as recommend it to all organizations and to open it up to partners, suppliers and key clients.

    As long as one knows “Why” they want to use ESSP and “What problem or challenge” it solves, I think that it should be used.

    Again, congratulation for this presentation.

  2. Hi Olivier,

    Thanks for your comment. Actualy this +1500 figures comes from a report from Bloor saying that this is the typology of company where this type of systems is the more beneficial. It does not say that it applies only to this type of company.

    I share your view : I do believe that any company can benefit of these tools for a better productivity, innovation and knowledge sharing. No matter how big or small they are. 37Signals (about 15 people) is one of them and I talk about them here : https://ceciiil.wordpress.com/2009/12/14/37-signals-digital-natives-leadership-in-action/

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