Enterprise 2.0 – The French Touch

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At long last we are delighted to present the english version of the french Enterprise 2.0 white paper.

This collaborative e-book is available online and has been coordinated by Anthony Poncier. His idea was to gather people with different backgrounds and responsibilities in the knowledge economy to offer different perspectives on the social business topic. I’m glad I was lucky enough to contribute to this remarkable initiative.

Big-Up to Frédéric Dormon who took care of graphic design and, obviously, to Anthony for being relentless, for sharing his vision and for his leadership on this project. His introduction to the book and the cast below …

I wanted to address each aspect of Enterprise 2.0 that make it an all-encompassing enterprise I believe to be made up of 3 elements.
The first and most common element is the creation of a business network, often a community, in order for employees to work collaboratively. It is not a pilot project or an extra layer added onto other processes, but rather the backbone of an organization around which are organized all of the businesses processes.

The second element, has to do with managing external stakeholders, such as partners or clients in community management way. Unlike managing a social media presence, this means the complete administration of a ―personal environment (not a Facebook page), where one is free to establish their own rules and manage the community. It’s from this community that you’ll generally find your ambassadors. Once again, a collaborative working approach with stakeholders is needed in order to benefit everyone involved, perhaps resulting
in co-creation.

The third element has to do with engaging the business in social media. Business is not self sufficient, “no one is an island”; it is connected to the rest of the world, especially by social media. This engagement begins with monitoring, in preparation to interact—whether it be to find an idea, to increase your exposure, to find clients, to respond to criticisms etc. You need to create value for your business, not only through the use of a conversation manager, but with each and every colleague in the business.

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