Reinventing 21st Century Management with Gary Hamel

I am a big fan of Gary Hamel. His pyramid of human capabilities is one of the best clicker of this blog. The Future Of Management probably is one of the most inspirational book I’ve ever read about management.

This is an exhilarating talk Professor Hamel gave to the university of Phoenix. As if that was not enough, check out the format of the animation behind him. I suppose (actually I hope) this has been done afterwards. But the result is breathtaking.

If you’re a manager or an executive, these are the most valuable 15 mns you will spend in the whole year.  I have to resist the strong temptation of doing the full transcript as the content is so powerful. Quick excerpt :

What was the problem management was trying to solve 100 years ago ? It wasn’t a problem of being adaptable, innovative and inspiring place to work. The problem these people were trying to solve was : how to turn human beings into semi-programmable-robots ? (…)

I have the feeling that the values that characterized the web, we have to bake those into our organisations. Why ? Because the web is already a place that is adaptable, innovative and engaging. The values of openness, meritocracy, flexibility, collaboration. Forget the technology : all these deep values also have to become the value of our organisations.  The web have all these values our organizations lack. So if you want to be a management innovator, the question you want to answer is how do I take these deep values and bake them into our organisations to make them innovative, adaptable and engaging.

Which bring us directly back to the 10 management principles of the Enterprise 2.0. Thank you so much Claude Super for sharing this in the first place.

Hey if you know about the technology used behind Professor Hamel, I’d be delighted to know.


  1. Hi CLinton,

    Thanks for your comment and welcome on this blog. Actually I don’t believe the animation was live. I can’t imagine a speak being that precise at the second level. If it is, then Gary Hamel not is only an inspiring thought leader but also an incredible hard worker to rehearse and make such a precise speech.

    I tend to believe this is post production stuff – looks to me less complicated. Be delighted to know though.

  2. You are welcome 😉
    Thank you for the relevance and the “spirit” of your blog.

  3. Mise en scène impressionnante effectivement et sans aucun doute “montée”, et non en direct live, mais tout cela pour mieux mettre en valeur son message.

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