Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris – 2013 edition

The Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2013 edition will be held in Le Cercle National Des Armées on 20 and 21st March. A great opportunity to get real life stories and case studies from organisations as different as Amadeus IT group, Wells Fargo bank, Simply Market or Sonae.

Main Tracks

Three main tracks to choose from. The first one is Enterprise 2.0 project management excellence a great set of best practices and main drawbacks to avoid from experts. How to govern and monitor such project ? How to evaluate your project maturity ? How to assess the performance ? In particular, I am looking forward to hearing Cordelia Kroos story about BASF – heard a lot of great things about it already.

The second one is about Social Practice excellence : How to develop social software skillset ? How to facilitate adoption ? how to implement workplace ethics in such tools ? How to integrate customer in the social process ?

Last but not least the New Management Excellence track. As Deb Lavoy reminded us, Social Business is only half of Enterprise 2.0. Implementing Enterprise Social Software is not an IT project is an organizational Development one. This new track will help us keeping this into perspective.


Great keynotes are scheduled as well with über expert Dion Hinchcliffe, Euan Semple who drove the implementation of ESN at BBC 10 years ago, Jon Husband (a main #hypertextual influence) the respected figure which has been studying since the beginning (2007) the intersection of Social Business and Organisational Development, or the author of the Connected Company Dave Gray.

Lean + Social Business = Enterprise 2.0

I have not been much into Enterprise 2.0 for the last year or so as I have been studying heavily Lean Management, Agile Methodologies and Change Management. Still, I do believe that there is a strong correlation between all these disciplines so it will be a great chance for me to catch up with the latest developments.

Looking forward to meeting you there !

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