Enterprise 2.0 Summit Paris – Designing the Social Business Excellence

The Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2012 will be held in Paris in the exclusive premises of The Centre National des Armées on February 7th and 8th.

The focus this year in on Understanding and Designing the Social Business Excellence. Great Keynotes and sessions ahead with very respected figures such as Rawn Shah, Dion Hinchcliffe, Richard Collin or Yves Caseau to address this very issue.

Now the questions you may ask yourself : why would I attend ? What’s in it for me ? Click to find out …

I really like this idea by Chris Morace from Jive whereby the 2000’s were the years when IT systems were used for operational excellence. These PLM, ERP, CRM, SCM etc … were handling processes, transactions and structured data. Clean, rational and structured : heavy and not very glamorous but easily understandable and creating value : this allowed to get the low hanging fruits of enterprise IT systems.

Now that in the years 2010’s all companies are somehow on their way to achieve operational excellence, what can be the differentiators ? Where can they create value from ? What are the organisation untapped resources ?

Social Software business proposition is to create value from the networks, from the many relationships inside the organisation but also between the employees and the business partners or with customers.

Social Software  has proven on the biggest laboratory of human collaboration ever created (the world wide web) its ability to create value in the knowledge economy,while building easily locatable knowledge, fostering innovation and nurturing people passion. This is what Social Software brings to the enterprise table.

Besides, public social web apps (Facebook, Twitter et al) also have dramatically raised the expectations of your employees and customers whenever using online tools : user-friendlyness, mobility, seamless navigation, ability to get great value fast and easy by connecting to people and locating expertise and contents … These are granted assets of 21st century online experience : how do your enterprise systems rate against these expectations ?

However, just dropping Social Software into the organisation IT systems mix is not enough. We even have some examples where it proved to be counter-productive. The question is : how to use the Social Software wisely in the organisation to get these benefits ? This is what Designing Social Business is all about. This is what this Enterprise 2.0 Summit is all about.

Use the promotion code e20ambassadorcd to get a 10% discount while registering here.  Note that there reduced and special prices for “Consultants” i.e. freelancers and staff members of consulting firms with 20 employees or less.

If you happen to bump into me, don’t hesitate to say hello. Looking forward to see you there ! As an appetizer, the introducing video :

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