Sunday Quote : Jack Welch

If change is happening faster on the outside than on the inside, the end is in sight.

This is a fantastic quote, taken from Dave Gray awesome book The Connected Company, a book #hypertextual will soon publish a review about.

Jack Welsh Welch has been chairman and CEO of General Electric during 20 years (1981 – 2001) and he did pretty well, completely transforming an organisation whose value rose 4000% during his tenure. (And just like William Lee Gore, he also was a chemical engineer : there must be something about that profession that help people seeing company leadership in a different and effective way. Gary Hamel view on the topic is that they haven’t studied in B-School and therefore, they haven’t learned what NOT to do. Anyway).

In the 2013 edition of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris, there was this very impressive presentation by Dion Hinchcliffe with one slide illustrating that very quote while comparing adoption and massive use of innovation Vs S&P 500 companies life expectancy :

massive use vs life expectancy

This also is a very subject #hypertextual has addressed in one post : Fast Innovation, Slow Adoption : the growing Digital divide. The bottom line of this post is that Nowadays public innovations go as fast as the early adopters (individuals) while the adoption in organisations only goes as fast as the slowest adopter (theory of constraints).

All three items have been integrated in the material I have presented during the Communication Masterclass at the European Commission.


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