Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2014 : Video Interviews

kongress media

Having gained some momentum on the topic of video interview with the last Lean IT Summit, I have been delighted to help Kongress Media mogul and #e20 organizer Bjoern Negelmann in doing some others within the scope of this year edition of the Enterprise 20 Summit. Thanks to Jan Grüb for shooting and editing those.

I was lucky enough to engage in video recorded conversations with #e20 rising star Céline Schillinger, Wirearchy father Jon Husband and IT strategy über-expert and visionary Dion Hinchcliffe.

A huge honor to have access to their expertise and a great opportunity to discuss issues such as the alleged death of Social Business the struggle to implement #e20 successfully and their main takeaways from the conference.

Last but not least, a great opportunity to notch up some more trophies to #hypertextual interviewees record.

Sorry people, I did not have the chance to edit myself out just like I did for the Lean IT Summit ones so I’m afraid you’ll have to cope with my fast talking and body language hyper-activity …

Céline Schillinger

“What triggers behavior change is doing the same as your peers (…) Community has been identified as a great success factor in controlling spread of disease by WHO for a very long time : Social Media allows us to do this at scale.”

Jon Husband

“This is about a more connected environment, an ecosystem of connected people where information is flowing. (…) Wirearchy is an organizational system asking : what are the social and organizational principles of a wired environment ?  

Dion Hinchcliffe

“Part of the issue is that a lot of the network technologies that we talk about was never designed for business use. This really is designed for us to communicate better in our private life and the proof point is that it has been a tremendous success. Number 1 form of communication in the world is now Social Technology.” 

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