Hacking company culture with Mike Rother

This is an awesome video by Mike Rother at Lean Summit 2012. It’s not a friendly format as 18 mns TED’s. It is one hour 15 minutes long but it is worth every second of your time.

I have been interested for the last year or so in neuro-sciences and how they can help in understanding organization culture and how to change it. Mike Rother also had.

There has been this question : should we change the culture (big speeches by leaders, posters in the corridor, proclaiming our so-called values etc …) to change how people work or change the work practices to change the culture ? Neuro-sciences bring positive evidence for the second option and thousands of failed initiatives around corporatica bring negative evidences for the first one.

Here is Mike statement : mindset drives the culture and mindset is physiological. If you set a mindset where people are more comfortable with uncertainty, you will develop their thinking agility, hence the organization’s. And setting such mindset comes with practices. This is the heart of Toyota management (the Toyota Kata as Mike describes it in the book). Fascinating stuff.

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