Sunday Quote : #LeadWithRespect

“In so many places I’ve worked at in the past, people looked at the future with fear and the past with anger. My dream is to create a place where people look to the future with hope and the past with pride.”

Lead With Respect is an awesome book that #hypertextual has already discussed. This essay by the team Ballé (Freddy and Michael) sheds an unprecedented light on how to build alignment throughout an organization.

Many great quotes, the one below being also amongst the most inspiring ones.

“We manage for change by training people to solve problems daily and by changing how they do things in a day to day low fuss fashion.”

“Our suggestion process is as much a training system for supervisors and team leaders to engage their employees in solving problems and contributing to their workplace, as it is for getting operators to make suggestions.”

“We assume that people want to do a good job. When they don’t, we assume that something happened to them to make them do otherwise.”


  1. Thanks for your provocative comment Bob. I like how you remind us what the etymology of respect is in your blog post.

    The last quote of the book above makes it clear that this is no judgement in the way the book suggests to look at people. The idea is to be kind with people and relentless with situation.

    I am sure you know that there is also a way to look at people (including oneself) and things without judging them. This is the basis of meditation.

    So I will clearly distinguish seeing and judging. I understand you say that many people don’t, but yet that doesn’t change the true meaning of the words.

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