Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris 10 – 12 Feb


Get ready people, the next edition of the Enterprise 2.0 European Summit will happen in Paris from 10th to 12th February ! Already the fifth edition (first one was in 2010).

A chance to witness that if Social Business moniker has been downgraded in the buzzword ranking of some consultants, real people are still leveraging digital transformation in their organizations to achieve meaningful results. The conference propose a rather exciting cast with many different returns of experience from many different industries and many different countries

Last but not least, an exciting set of keynotes with Zdnet digitalization oracle Dion Hinchcliffe (who made an excellent one last year), Rachel Happe the leader behind the Community Roundtable, Jon Mell from IBM and Dan Pontrefact, author of the acclaimed Flat Army

Focus on the doers

It’s so easy to get carried away with the promises of #FutureOfWork, #WorkplaceDIgitalization and all these fancy keywords (#hypertextual not being the last to elaborate on these abstract promises) : it happens as some kind of relief to see that this conference focus on the doers, in real companies doing real business. In that respect, I’m looking forward to hearing about L’Oréal, ING, PSA stories from the trenches.

But one of the main highlights will probably be Céline Schillinger story at Sanofi Pasteur, especially if you consider the accolades she has received during the last 12 months, including Woman of the Year La Tribune award.

Main topics

This edition will again focus on delivering insights and values to the attendees with four main topics addressed by the cream of the crop

  • success factors for social workplace adoption,
  • key drivers for leveraging social value generation & business transformation,
  • best practices for enhancing business performance and employee engagement
  • Visions for future work & process organization

Looking forward to seeing you there !

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