Sunday Quote : The Phoenix Project

phoenix project

I don’t want poster about quality and security. I want improvement of our daily work showing up where it needs to be : in our daily work.

The Phoenix Project is a business novel telling the story of a car parts companies from the perspective of the newly appointed CTO. As in Michael Balle‘s trilogy (The Gold Mine, The Lean Manager, Lead With Respect) the fictional nature of the book helps in making visible how the main character and his team learn by doing, all the while being coached by an expert.

The Phoenix Project is one of the most important book about the DevOps movement as it explains how the IT organization should be, likewise a factory, seen as an entity delivering a constant flow of value to the organization and the customer.

The constant analogy with the actual shop floor of the factory should  inspire some humility to IT people :

“You think IT Operations is rocket science compared to manufacturing. What absolute baloney”, he says dismissively.  From where I’m sitting, the people in this building [the factory] have been far more creative and courageous than anything I’ve seen come from you IT guys.    

A mandatory read for IT managers. And a strongly recommended read for anyone working in IT or for any executive working in close relationship with IT (i.e. just about any executive) .

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